Helping writers perfect the words that create the world.

I provide meticulous professional editing services to authors, publishers, and anyone writing anything.

My favorite things to read:

  • Middle grade fiction
  • Jewish fiction
  • Gothic fiction
  • Regional fiction (Texas, Mexico, New England)

So, if you’re writing a middle grade Golem story set in Texas, I’m your editor!

Everyone else, I’ll do a great job for you, too. As a former certified hypnotist, I’m knowledgeable about meditation, self-help, and general wellness books as well.

My editorial specialties are line editing and copyediting, but I offer a full range of editorial services.

Even great writers need editors.

It’s true. Even editors need editors! Even proofreaders need proofreaders!

I have tremendous respect for writers. It’s hard work pouring words out onto a page! I’m proud of the impact I’ve made in helping my clients polish the work they’ve crafted and put their best work into the world.

I know that my unique experiences and eagle-eyed focus will be an asset to your work.

My Services

Developmental Editing

​​Developmental editing closely examines the structure and logical flow of the manuscript, making sure that each chapter is relevant and in the right order, that each section or scene within each chapter leads nicely into the next, and that the reader is guided easily along from paragraph to paragraph. The editor also focuses on plot, characterization, pacing, credibility, showing vs. telling, point of view, and other big-picture issues.

Line Editing

Any necessary changes to address wordiness, alterations in tone and diction, word choice, transitions, and other language-level issues are made during a line edit. By boosting flow, ensuring a consistent voice, and fine-tuning rhythm and tempo, line editing enhances the quality of your work.


A copyedit is a thorough reading of your work to check for errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency with The Chicago Manual of Style. Copyediting involves checking your language to make sure it is polished and consistent. There is no rewriting except what is absolutely necessary for grammar, correct word usage, clarity, or readability. You will also receive a style sheet.

Other Services

• Editing packages

• Beta reading

• Blog editing

• English tutoring

Need something else related to the written word? Let me know! If I don’t provide the service you need, I can refer you to someone great who does.

I had been writing my blog for over three years before I contracted with Eva to provide a better experience for my readers. Her copyediting for my new entries has elevated both the clarity and precision of my writing. And her proofreading of my archives has discovered errors I’ve had sitting around unnoticed for years! When the day comes that I compile my writings into a book, I know exactly who I’m coming to before I publish!

Marcellus Cadd
Writer, Geocaching While Black

Eva is an outstanding copyeditor who is always working to improve her skills. I had combed over my website many times, but she still managed to find grammatical errors and suggest improvements to the flow of the text, all without changing my style. Her turnaround was so quick, too! I appreciate her diligence in making my website that much more professional.

Marisa Miller
Voice Actor

You really worked hard. This is great! Thank you so much! All the best.

Rajendu Sulochana
Scholar and Epigraphist

I like it very much. Once again, thank you.

R., Website Editing Client